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Quality pallets and industrial wood products in Ohio and a competitive price?

How does a company keep the standards of their pallets high, the quality of their pre-cut top notch, and the look and functionality of their specialty products best in class. All while at the same time meeting your customers’ expectations for prompt pallet delivery and competitive wood product price?

Either in the form of a question from one of our pallet customers, or as a request from our pallet sales team throughout Ohio and the Midwest, hardly a day goes by when we’re not thinking about this question. Whether you’re selling pallets in Ohio, pallet pre-cut in Pennsylvania or wooden boxes and crates in Cleveland, the challenges of the hardwood lumber and pallet market are many.

The answer to the question is attention to details. It’s easy to get lost in the rush to expand sales and grow your business, but it’s important to not lose sight of the small stuff.

In more practical terms, it means the following:

  • Keeping a sufficient hardwood lumber supply (one of the largest in the Midwest actually) as well as the right amount of Pine, Pallet Precuts, OSB and Plywood
  • Make sure to “turn” your lumber and utilize your hardwood and pine inventory properly. Lumber is perishable, making intelligent inventory management essential
  • Understand the usage and seasonality of your customers hardwood pallet needs so that you have neither too little nor too much lumber ready for them
  • Continually stress the importance of quality standards both of your finished pallets and wood products as well as your raw inventory
  • Train your workforce understand that while it just may be a pallet or wooden crate
  • to them, it’s likely much more than that to the end user.

Viking Turbo 505 High Speed Nailer

Our Viking Turbo 505 High Speed Nailer is a leading edge machine that can produce high volumes of pallets meeting your exact specifications. Pallet after pallet, this machine delivers quality without the worry of defects.The Viking 505 Turbo High Speed Nailer has 2, 3 and 4 Stringer Capability with a 1,600 pallet per day capacity.

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The Best in the Business Wood Products

Watch to learn why Troymill is the premier integrated wood products provider to businesses of all shapes and sizes.


heat treated pallet ISPM-15


Equipped with a world class Heat Treatment Facility, Troymill boasts unsurpassed Heat Treating capabilities. Troymill’s ISPM-15 Certified H.T. Process allows us to quickly process full truck loads of pallets and lumber for your export needs.