As the leading integrated wood products provider and pallet manufacturer in the Midwest, Troymill offers a range of services to help our customers operate efficiently.

For customers that require specifically engineered pallets or crates, we house the building experience and design expertise to produce the products that meet your exact requirements.

Troymill also assists its customers in keeping pace with new regulations for to packaging material and transportation equipment. Our heating treating facility ensures that customers are compliant with ISPM #15 for the sterilization of new and used pallets.

Is your in-house carpentry shop having trouble keeping up with demand? Need a load of 2×4’s remanufactured into 1×4’s? Troymill’s outsourcing services deliver large/high volume production capabilities. With a staff of experienced craftsman, the latest machines and tooling, and massive lumber inventories, we’re the go-to people for contract wood manufacturing.

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