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Having been in the lumber and pallet business for over five decades, we know that the only constant is change. Our success depends on an unwavering commitment to providing the best customer experience possible. When integrity, hard work and exceptional service combine with cutting-edge technology, there can only be one result: satisfied Troymill customers.  Contact us to experience outstanding products and service when purchasing lumber, wood products, and wholesale pallets.

Industrial Lumber

Troymill has a large industrial lumber supply and is fully equipped with the material you need to meet your hardwood and pine needs. Rather than just serving as a wholesale pallet shop, or a single-service industrial lumber supply company, Troymill does it all. Our fully integrated industrial lumber company includes a full range of wood products grown and assembled on our nearly 50 acres of property.

Our industrial lumber products serve companies and carpenters across the Midwest. Our industrial lumber & plywood inventory is vast and includes spruce and southern yellow pine, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), treated lumber, and more. 

There are a number of reasons to choose Troymill as your industrial hardwood supply team.  We are the largest supplier of hardwood dunnage and blocking lumber in the region, with an industrial hardwood supply that is unmatched in volume and variety. When you choose Troymill for your supply of industrial lumber and plywood, you can expect:

  • Heat Treatment (ISPM-15)
  • Several Hardwood Species (Oak, Maple, Cherry & More)
  • Dunnage Wood and Dunnage Boards
  • Custom Cut Sizes for Industrial Lumber Products
  • Precision Cut to Length
  • 3×3 Lumber
  • 3×4 Lumber

If you are just seeking stock industrial lumber, we can provide cut stock lumber and other wood cut to size. Troymill offers industrial lumber supply in both hardwood and pine, so depending on your application and needs, let us know and we will find the perfect fit. We are proud to serve as a leading supplier of industrial lumber and plywood.

large wooden pallets
ISPM 15 heat treated pallet