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As one of the largest pallet producers in the Midwest, Troymill is the place to go for any type of pallet or skid you need. Whether you require a truckload of 48×40 GMA’s, half a semi-load of heavy-duty, customized industrial skids, or a van load of recycled wood pallets, Troymill is your one-stop-shop for your pallet needs.

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Troymill offers a wide selection of wholesale pallets to accommodate a range of industries and their shipping needs. Our wholesale pallets for sale are made through our rigorous crafting solutions that create products that last. From customized industrial skids to industrial wholesale pallets, count on Troymill as the top local pallet manufacturer.

Wholesale pallets are commonly grouped into two categories: stringer pallets and block pallets. Stringer pallets have three long pieces of wood, called a stringer, that support the sides and middle of the pallet. Stringer pallets are also known as 2-way pallets because a forklift can only pick them up two ways. Stringer pallets are the most commonly used pallets in the United States and are therefore extremely common among pallet suppliers.

The other common type of wholesale pallets is block pallets. A block pallet gets its name from the blocks that form its base. Block pallets are supported by blocks of wood on the sides and the middles of each edge. These wholesale pallets are also known as 4-way pallets, because the tines of a pallet jack or forklift can access and lift this pallet from all four sides. Block pallets are common among pallet companies near me because many businesses prefer to use a type of block that provides more support for loads.

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Which Type of Pallets are Right for Me? | Connecting with Pallet Manufacturers Near Me

If you are looking for a pallet company to supply you with wholesale pallets, it helps to have an idea of the type of pallet you are seeking. It is a common belief that block pallets are stronger than stringer pallets because they utilize both perpendicular blocks and parallel stringers. But to really understand what type of wholesale pallets are best for your business, you will need to answer a few key questions.

Where are my products being shipped?

As mentioned, stringer pallets are the most commonly used pallets in the United States. However, block pallets are more common in other countries. Different countries also have different standard-sized pallets, so consider any specific shipping requirements you will need to follow if you are shipping overseas.

As top pallet suppliers, Troymill is happy to work with you to find a wholesale pallet solution that works for your application.

What is the weight of my product(s)?

Before choosing any wholesale pallets near me, you must determine how much your product(s) weigh. Whether you choose a block or stringer pallet, it has to support the weight of your product without fail to ensure safety. 

In some instances, the only way to find a pallet to fit heavy loads is through customization. Our pallet and crate manufacturers are here to help you find the right solution that seamlessly transports your load.

What special requirements do I need from wholesale pallets?

In addition to weight and destination, consider any other special requirements you will need from wholesale pallets. For example, companies shipping products in the food and beverage industry need to follow sanitary guidelines to keep perishable items safe and protected. Or, if you need wholesale pallets to ship chemicals and resins, you will need to adhere to safety guidelines for sensitive materials.

As experts in the industry, our pallet manufacturers near me can work with you to tailor our wholesale pallets to your needs. From heavy-duty pallets to a van load of recycled wood pallets, we have the experience to tackle your pallet needs.

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Troymill is a pallet company proud to supply our customers with leading wholesale pallets. We are one of the largest pallet and lumber companies serving the Midwest with wooden pallets, crates, wholesale pallets, and more. When seeking pallet companies near me who understand the industry, we are the top choice. 

In addition to our range of wholesale pallets near me and custom options, we are proud to use innovative technology to take our products to the next level. Our heat treating facility, for example, is designed to treat high volumes of wholesale pallets and other wood products to ISPM-15 Specification. Our team of wood pallet manufacturers near me can provide you with pallets and lumber for export that meet internationally recognized standards. 

Ready to start a conversation with our team about wholesale pallets near me? Reach out to us today and connect with one of the top pallet companies near me.