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How is Lumber Graded?

To determine the quality of lumber, it is categorized and separated by grade. Lumber is graded on a level of one to four. One is the highest grade of lumber and four in the category of industrial lumber. After the lumber has been deemed grade 4 and industrial lumber, we use it to build items like pallets, crates, and dunnage. The higher grades are sent to furniture manufacturers, home builders, and other industries that can use the lumber for their applications. We’re left with durable pieces that will be used for countless purposes.

How Industrial Lumber Supply Is Used

While industrial lumber and plywood looks like scrap wood to some, we see the possibilities they hold. Our industrial lumber supply is used to make a plethora of industrial lumber products that aid in transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, and more. These industries rely on strength and dependability for items like pallets, and industrial hardwood lumber products get the job done.

Our goal as a top supplier of hardwood lumber Cleveland Ohio is to provide industrial lumber products that last. Weak lumber has no place in our industry, which is why we provide industrial lumber that is tough and reliable. Our goal is for our industrial hardwood products to be used hundreds of times throughout multiple cycles.

Custom pallets are designed to withstand damage and pressure from being lifted by pallet jacks and forklifts, and being weighed down by freight. While pallets have a rough life, wood dunnage sees some of the most heavy-duty use. Dunnage is found on semi-trucks under the wheels of trucks used as a stopping block, or in other places that require heavy-duty wood. Dunnage supports heavy cargo and ensures a safe travel route. Even though industrial lumber supply isn’t the most elegant material, it is the toughest, and therefore crucial to support supply chain systems across the nation.

Can Industrial Lumber Supply Be Sustainable?

In today’s world, sustainability is important, and Troymill understands this. We want to be a part of developing and maintaining responsible business practices. Overall, industrial lumber products do not contribute to the emission of greenhouse gasses. The carbon that is absorbed by trees before they’re harvested is kept alive in industrial lumber during its life cycle, making industrial lumber manufacturing a carbon-neutral process. In other industries, the manufacturing of products releases carbon by burning, boiling, or melting materials.

Every piece of lumber that we use is harvested from a sustainable forest. We ensure that we maintain the best practices so we can do our part to help the planet. We use every part of the tree, down to its very last fibers. Because industrial lumber is thought of as scraps or waste wood, other industries would just throw it away. By repurposing the wood that’s cut from graded lumber, we actively use recycled materials.

At Troymill, we even reuse the sawdust that comes from the finished products as boiler fuel. It’s important that every wood fiber that comes to our property doesn’t go to waste. As a buyer interested in industrial lumber sales, you know exactly how wood is used sustainably here.

About Troymill Wood Products | Industrial Lumber Supply

Troymill Wood Products is one of the #1 suppliers of industrial lumber located in the heart of the Amish community in Middlefield, OH. We are proud to provide an outstanding industrial lumber supply that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our industrial lumber supply includes an impressive array of spruce, southern yellow pine, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), treated lumber, and more.

Our facility spans nearly 50 acres, which gives us the room to perfect our industrial lumber supply and wholesale pallets manufacturing as well as utilizing our innovative technology. We transform raw materials to create wholesale pallet parts, pine pallets, crates, grooved stock, and even more. We are known for our constant supply of products, even during lumber shortages. This is one more reason why our customers can always depend on us.

We are proud of our industrial lumber supply and quality materials. Our hardworking team and their unmatched skills make us stand out from all the rest. We build quality relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees. If you’re ready to build a lasting partnership with a top provider of hardwood lumber Cleveland and industrial lumber supply, contact Troymill Wood Products today.

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Industrial Lumber FAQs

Industrial-grade lumber refers to a category of wood materials that are specifically processed and graded for use in industrial and commercial applications, particularly in sectors where strength, durability, and quality are paramount. This type of lumber is distinguished by its consistent quality, robustness, and suitability for heavy-duty or specialized purposes. Industrial-grade lumber typically meets or exceeds specific standards and specifications, ensuring that it can withstand rigorous use and conditions in various industrial settings.

The strength of lumber in structural applications is influenced by a combination of factors, with the grade of lumber being just one of them. While higher-grade lumber, such as “Select Structural” or “Dense Select Structural,” tends to have fewer defects and may exhibit higher strength characteristics, the inherent strength of the lumber is also determined by the wood species. Hardwood species like oak and maple are known for their high strength, while softwoods like Douglas fir and southern pine also offer good strength.