Commodity Pallets | Stringer Pallets

Troymill is proudly equipped with high-speed automatic nailers that allow us to produce large volumes of stinger pallets or block pallets at incredibly competitive prices. We are happy to offer both full and mixed loads, Heat Treatment, and any branding, painting or special features that you require. We can deliver on 48′ and 53′ flatbeds as well as Dry Vans and Box Trucks.

Stringer Pallet | Block Pallet

Our vast inventory of lumber, large covered storage areas and our large fleet of dedicated Tractors and Trailers allow us to meet the needs of both the very large pallet user just as well as the small and medium sized customer.

  • High Volume, Standard Size Pallets built on our twin Viking Turbo 505 Nailing Machines
  • Typical Sizes: 48×40 “GMA”, 48×42, 45×45
  • Branding, Stenciling, and Heat Treatment (ISPM-15 Compliance) for Export
  • Full Truck Load Shipments, or Mixed Loads of Several Sizes
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and J.I.T. (Just In Time) Programs Available
  • Block Pallets To meet Big Box Store Specifications (Costco, Walmart, Etc..)