Bulk Wooden Crates

Troymill’s experienced team can build bulk wood crates to suit any product that you need to transport or store. Whether you are shipping heavy equipment or fragile items, our wooden crates will protect your assets.

Troymill can build any type of crate, for any type of product, for any type of customer. If your crating needs go beyond that of shipping and storage, we can help you the development of a solution that fits your needs and making those ideas into a high quality product.

Our Bulk Wooden Crates Ohio

  • ISPM 15 Certified Wood Boxes and Crates
  • Compartmental Wood Boxes
  • Multiple Shipment Wood Boxes
  • Trade Show Crates / Exhibit Crates
  • Heavy Weight Wood Boxes
  • End Caps and Tops
  • Cleated Plywood Boxes

Applications for Bulk Wood Crates

Why use crating instead of one of our customized wood pallets? In some industries, crating simply proves more effective and beneficial. Here are some examples.
• Agricultural products: Have you ever tried to place a pile of sweet potatoes or regular potatoes on a flat surface? It usually does not go well. Even if you have strapping, the odd potato shape makes it easy for the produce to escape. With crating this problem is eradicated. Potatoes will be stored safely, more can be carried, and there will be no run-away potatoes! The same holds true for other produce that needs to be protected from bruising or that has odd shapes. Our heat treatment ensures the crating used for these applications is appropriate.
• Industrial: Many of our crating customers are in the industrial sector. That is because parts, much like agricultural produce, can be fragile, oddly shaped, and heavy. Some examples of industrial applications are:

Aerospace Industry

Engine components, wing components, fuselage parts, and more all can be protected to the maximum potential when shipped via crates.

Marine Industry

Manufacturers of cruise and cargo ship parts using our crates. Those parts may include propellers, engines, and crankshafts.


The military often requires bulk wooden crates for the shipping of hardware, ordinance, and food for soldiers stationed overseas or around the country.